Hydrom vs. Pill: Why Hydrom Outperforms the RAPT Pill Hydrometer

Hydrom vs. Pill: Why Hydrom Outperforms the RAPT Pill Hydrometer

Apr 11, 2023


Tjorben Eberle

When it comes to homebrewing, choosing the right hydrometer is essential for achieving the perfect brew. With many options available, it's important to understand the differences between products like the Hydrom and the RAPT Pill. In this article, we'll explore why the Hydrom hydrometer is the superior choice for homebrewers.

Connectivity and Flexibility

While both Hydrom and RAPT Pill offer Wi-Fi connectivity, the Hydrom provides greater flexibility with its additional Bluetooth capabilities and support for open interfaces like MQTT, TCP, and HTTP. The RAPT Pill relies solely on Wi-Fi and its proprietary cloud service, making it less versatile for users who may want to switch platforms or connect to unsupported services.

Dependency on Cloud Services

The RAPT Pill is dependent on its manufacturer's cloud services for data storage and processing. If the company were to discontinue the product or shut down its servers, the device would become useless. On the other hand, the Hydrom offers various cloud services support without the need for extra hardware and doesn't require an internet connection to function.

Data Security and Backups

The RAPT Pill stores data centrally on the manufacturer's site, which may pose privacy concerns for users. Additionally, there's no option for backups, leaving users vulnerable to data loss. Conversely, the Hydrom provides a more secure and user-friendly experience with its open interfaces and support for multiple cloud services, allowing for easy data backup and migration.

Proprietary Housing vs. Universal Design

The RAPT Pill features a proprietary housing design that may be easier to clean but can't be replaced independently if the manufacturer discontinues the product. In contrast, the Hydrom boasts a universal design that is not only easier to maintain but also more accessible for future upgrades and replacements.


In conclusion, the Hydrom hydrometer outperforms the RAPT Pill in terms of connectivity, flexibility, data security, and overall user experience. Homebrewers looking for a reliable, versatile, and future-proof hydrometer should undoubtedly consider the Hydrom as their top choice.

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