Why Hydrom Outshines Float as the Superior Brewing Tool

Why Hydrom Outshines Float as the Superior Brewing Tool

Apr 11, 2023

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Tjorben Eberle

In the world of homebrewing, having the right tools can make all the difference between a mediocre brew and a fantastic one. With the evolution of technology, brewing tools have become more sophisticated, offering a range of features to assist in creating the perfect beer. Today, we're going to explore why the Hydrom is a better choice for homebrewers compared to its competitor, the Float.

1. Hydrom Offers More Advanced Connectivity Options

While both the Hydrom and Float can connect to the internet to store and transmit data, Hydrom offers several additional connectivity options that make it more versatile. With Bluetooth, WLAN (in both access point and client mode), and open interfaces such as MQTT, TCP, and HTTP, Hydrom provides flexibility for users to connect their brewing tool to a variety of devices and platforms. On the other hand, the Float only offers WLAN in client mode, limiting its overall connectivity capabilities.

2. Hydrom Supports Multiple Cloud Services without Extra Hardware

One significant advantage of the Hydrom is its compatibility with various cloud services without the need for additional hardware. This feature allows users to access their data from anywhere, making it easier to monitor and manage the brewing process. In contrast, the Float relies on a centralized data collection system, limiting its flexibility and requiring users to rely on the manufacturer's platform.

3. Hydrom Provides a Better User Experience

The Hydrom boasts a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to navigate and understand the device's features. Customizable MQTT, HTTP, TCP, and messages are available, allowing users to tailor their brewing experience to their preferences. In comparison, the Float does not offer as much customization, making it a less user-friendly option.

4. Hydrom Is More Affordable

For homebrewers on a budget, the Hydrom is an excellent choice as it is the most affordable hydrometer on the market. Its competitive pricing does not compromise on features, making it an attractive option for those looking for a high-quality brewing tool without breaking the bank.

5. Hydrom Comes with a Modern Charging Standard

The Hydrom features a USBC charging socket, which is the latest tech standard supported by most laptops, mobile phones, and other devices. This modern charging standard makes it more convenient for users to charge their Hydrom without worrying about finding a compatible charger. In contrast, the Float uses a micro USB charger, an older and less universal standard.

6. Float's Usability Depends on the Manufacturer's Business Plan

One significant disadvantage of the Float is that its usability is tied to the manufacturer's business plan. If the servers are switched off, the device becomes useless. With the Hydrom, users do not have to worry about this issue, as it does not rely on a specific manufacturer's platform.


In summary, the Hydrom outperforms the Float in terms of connectivity options, compatibility with various cloud services, user experience, affordability, and charging standards. While both devices have their merits, the Hydrom stands out as the superior brewing tool for homebrewers who want the best value for their money and a seamless brewing experience.

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  • Ronny

    Can the Hydrom be used in stainless steel tanks? Is it possible to capture the info as the device is in a faraday cage..?

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