Hydrom vs. Tilt: Why Hydrom is the Better Choice for Homebrewers

Hydrom vs. Tilt: Why Hydrom is the Better Choice for Homebrewers

Apr 11, 2023


Tjorben Eberle

When it comes to homebrewing, choosing the right brewing tool is essential for ensuring consistent quality and perfect flavor. In this article, we will compare two popular hydrometers in the market, the Hydrom and the Tilt, and explain why the Hydrom is the superior choice for serious homebrewers.

Advanced Connectivity Options

Hydrom offers both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, while Tilt only offers Bluetooth. With Hydrom's WiFi capabilities, you can transmit data through your home network, ensuring better range and reliability. Additionally, Hydrom supports open interfaces such as MQTT, TCP, and HTTP, offering more flexibility for integration with other systems.

Superior Power Management

Hydrom comes with a modern USB-C charging socket, making it compatible with a wide range of devices such as laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Tilt, on the other hand, relies on disposable batteries, which are less eco-friendly and require more frequent replacements.

Better Compatibility with Cloud Services

Hydrom supports various cloud services without the need for extra hardware, making it easy to integrate your brewing data into your preferred platforms. Tilt requires additional hardware, such as the Tilt Pi, to send data to the internet or local LAN, which adds to the overall cost and complexity of the system.

More Affordable Option

Hydrom is the most affordable hydrometer on the market, offering exceptional value for the features and capabilities it provides. Tilt is the most expensive free-floating hydrometer available, which may not be justifiable for some homebrewers considering the limited features compared to the Hydrom.


In summary, the Hydrom is the better choice for homebrewers due to its advanced connectivity options, superior power management, better compatibility with cloud services, and more affordable price. The Hydrom hydrometer offers a complete and user-friendly solution for those looking to take their brewing game to the next level, while the Tilt may not provide enough advantages to justify the higher cost. Choose the Hydrom for a reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective brewing tool to perfect your craft.


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