The image shows a smartphone displaying the BierBot Bricks cloud service platform and the settings for the Hydrom.

BierBot Bricks and Hydrom: A perfect collaboration

Apr 10, 2023


Tjorben Eberle

The world of home brewing has evolved rapidly in recent years. With the introduction of advanced technologies and equipment, hobby brewers and professionals alike have expanded their skills and improved the quality of their homebrewed beers. In this context, we are proud to announce the successful integration of Hydrom into the BierBot Bricks cloud service. This collaboration represents a significant milestone that has the potential to revolutionize the brewing experience for many home brewers.

In this blog post, we will highlight the benefits of this integration as well as the unique features of BierBot Bricks Cloudservice. We would also like to acknowledge the excellent collaboration with Bernhard, the owner and developer of BierBot Bricks, who has been instrumental in getting this integration up and running in a very short period of time.

Our main goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of the benefits and opportunities of this partnership so that you can make informed decisions about using BierBot Bricks and Hydrom in your own home brewing process.

Native integration and ease of use

The fact that BierBot Bricks is the first cloud service to natively support the Hydrom brings significant benefits to users. Native integration means that the hydrom is directly and seamlessly integrated into the BierBot Bricks cloud service without the need for an additional standard interface. This results in a simpler experience, as users do not need to perform any additional steps or configurations to connect the Hydrom to BierBot Bricks.

Native integration also improves compatibility between the two systems. The developers of BierBot Bricks and Hydrom have worked closely together to ensure that the two devices work in harmony and provide the best possible user experience. The seamless connection allows home brewers to easily and conveniently manage and monitor their readings and brewing information on the BierBot Bricks platform.

Encrypted connection and customized intervals


One of the outstanding features of Hydrom's integration with the BierBot Bricks cloud service is the encrypted connection between the two systems. This encryption provides increased security and privacy by protecting your data from unauthorized access and preventing third parties from intercepting your readings and brewing information.

The data is stored in a secure manner.

In addition, PRO users can set the interval at which the Hydrom sends readings in the BierBot UI. This feature gives you the flexibility to adjust the transmission frequency to your individual needs and preferences. For example, you can choose whether the Hydrom sends readings to the BierBot Bricks cloud service every 15 minutes, every hour, or even just once a day. This allows you to maintain control over the amount of data collected while ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the readings.

The combination of an encrypted connection and customized intervals helps ensure that your brewing experience is secure, personalized and tailored to your needs


Independent cloud service with no additional hardware or proprietary cloud


Another notable benefit of Hydrom's integration with the BierBot Bricks cloud service is that it is an independent cloud service. Unlike some competing products that rely on additional hardware or a proprietary cloud, BierBot Bricks allows for a direct and straightforward connection between your hydrom and the cloud platform.

This has several advantages for users. First, it eliminates the need to purchase, install and maintain additional hardware components. This not only saves money, but also reduces the effort and complexity of the entire system. By foregoing a proprietary cloud, users also have the freedom to store and manage their data and information on a neutral platform without being tied to a particular brand or company.

The independence of the BierBot Bricks cloud service also means that future innovations and improvements in brewing technology can be more easily integrated into the existing system. This ensures home brewers always have access to the latest developments.

Personal recommendation of BierBot Bricks, even in the PRO version


Because of the many benefits offered by BierBot Bricks and its integration with Hydrom, I can personally recommend this cloud service. The ease of use, secure and encrypted connection, custom intervals, and system independence are just a few of the aspects that make BierBot Bricks an excellent choice for home brewers


In addition to the free basic version, BierBot Bricks also offers a PRO version that provides additional features and benefits for more sophisticated brewers. The PRO version includes advanced brewing logs, alerts and notifications, and enhanced analytics and reporting tools, among other features. This allows you to better monitor and optimize your brewing process.

From my personal experience, I can highly recommend BierBot Bricks in both the free basic version and the PRO version. The integration of Hydrom into the BierBot Bricks cloud service represents a significant advancement in home brewing technology, providing home brewers with a powerful and easy-to-use solution to get the most out of their brewing process.

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